Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Irish Cream Chocolate Cake

This past weekend my parents hosted a St. Patrick's Day party at their house for a group of people from church. My contribution to the party was an Irish Cream Chocolate Cake that I concocted from a couple of various recipes. I started with The Farm Chicks' Chocolate Cake because it is such a moist cake. Their recipe makes two cakes which allowed me to make a layer cake with The Repressed Pastry Chef's Buttercream Icing. After putting the first layer of cake down, I coated it with Torani's Irish Cream flavored syrup. I then put a layer of the Icing and the other cake. I completed it by using my new piping tools and decorated the top of the cake, after another layer of Irish Cream syrup, with the remaining Buttercream.

The cake turned out perfectly and so moist, but I do think it could have used more Irish Cream. Maybe next time I'll make the icing Irish Cream flavored instead of Vanilla!

More about the party tomorrow...


  1. Iam a diabetic...can you make that 'sugar free'!!!