Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My heart belongs to a wolf...

For those of you who have been in a hole the past few weeks, tonight The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens at midnight and yours truly will be one of the die-hard fans in line to see it!  I am even hosting a Coffee Party prior to the movie so that my friends and I can make sure we will stay awake for the entire thing.  In honor of the opening of the next installment, I wanted to share with you a few photos that Eclipse Director, David Slade took during filming.  David is an amazing photographer and these are a few shots that he shared via his twitter account last fall when Eclipse was in production.  They are of various places and objects that you will see in Eclipse.  See if you can guess where they were taken!

Bella and Edward's Meadow

Grass at La Push

Bella's Red Truck Headlight

Grass at Swan House


Monday, June 28, 2010

Rifle Recipe Box

Today I am coveting the new recipe box at Rifle Paper Co.  The boxes are made from salvaged hardwood and take about three months to go from tree to finished box.  They are gorgeous the floral print box is on my wishlist along with these cute Rifle recipe cards

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  The weather here in the south has been extremely hot and humid and my plans to finish painting my new cabinet have been put on standby.  Each layer of paint has been taking a lot longer to dry.  I am going to try for a third coat of the outer color tonight and if that dries over the weekend, I can start the accent color on Monday! (I promise pictures when I'm done.)  I hope your plans for the weekend include watching a gorgeous sunset like this one below.  Ez from Creature Comforts' daughter took these photos.  Isn't the sunset beautiful?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rainy Day Inspiration

Today's photographic inspiration comes from my love of Wellington Boots.  I've always been a fan of these big, rainy day boots.  I love the variety of colors they come in and the different ways people find to wear them.  I purchased a pair of pink and yellow ones a few years back and always get excited when it rains enough that I can wear them.  And even though they make my feet sweat, I still love jumping in puddles in these boots.  Oh how I wish it would rain...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Cottage

Today I wish I were at this cute summer cottage in Sweden.  Hilda from Forever Is Today has a great knack for photographing the small details around her.  She is spending the summer at her family's cottage and decided to spend a morning documenting her surroundings.  Wouldn't it be lovely to take a ride on one of these bicycles around the seaside?  See more of Hilda's summer cottage here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bolig Magasinet

I recently discovered the Danish magazine, Bolig via the decor8 blog and I have fallen in love with all of their images.  Their home tours are my absolute favorite with surprises of color and simple, clean lines.  I love the use of bold patterns and textures in the houses they showcase.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from these tours.  You can see the rest over on their website.

Images: Bolig Magasinet

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teeny Tiny Cottage

If I could pick any place to be my home, this 365 square foot cottage would be high on the list.  The winner of Apartment Therapy's Small, Cool 2010 Contest, this California cottage is a prime example of what I want in a home.  A small place with lots of natural light flooding in and with room outside to entertain and to enjoy nature.  Beth, the owner of the cute cottage, has done an amazing job decorating with style and versatility in mind.  With only 365 square feet, you have to be imaginative.  To see the rest of this home tour, visit Apartment Therapy here.

Images: Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh to be camping...

Today I wish I were camping in this adorable camper and with this adorable picnic basket in tow.  Do you have any plans for a camping or summer trip anytime soon?

Teardrop Camper Images: Sunset Magazine
Picnic Basket Image: please sir

Thursday, June 10, 2010

British Isle Inspiration [For Andrew]

Today's flickr favorite inspiration comes from the fact that I am yearning to be somewhere in the British Isles today. My friend Andrew recently took the plunge and moved to London for six months and I have been completely jealous. I am so proud that he finally decided to do it but that still doesn't mean that I can't be a little bit jealous about it. Walking through the streets of London, attending antique fairs and hearing the bells toll the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation is definitely my idea of a great day! (Hope you're having the best time Andrew!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

West + Plum

If you are a fan of vintage finds, then you need to head over to West + Plum. Ellie, of the blog mint's, vintage etsy shop is a great place to pick up a small piece or cute vintage kitsch that she has found in her travels and hunts at flea markets. I snagged this great vintage embroidery piece the other day that I am going to make into a pillow for my living room. I can't wait to put it together!

Images: West + Plum

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Home Means to Me [Pin It Forward]

I’m very excited to be sharing with you today my pinboard from the Pin It Forward series that Victoria from sfgirlbybay and Pinterest have to put together. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, then here is my introduction. If you like to look for inspiration online like I do, then this site is for you. It will allow you to take a picture from any website and ‘pin’ it to a board along with keeping the original source of the picture in tact. It’s like having a virtual scrapbook! A very fun and easy way to organize all of your virtual ideas and inspiration (and a great source for bloggers like me).

Now for my post. I’ve always considered home a place of refuge from the world around me. To me it is a place where family can gather and be comfortable, a place where I can get away from my daily work lives, a place to explore new interests and hobbies and a place that I have to make my own. Each home is different and has a different feel to it. I feel that as long as we make it our own, it is truly ours. Here are a few ways that I utilize my home.

I like to use my home as a place where I can create projects and where I can be inspired by what is around me. I feel that having a creative work space is essential and I will always try to have an inspiration board or desk where I can do my creative work. I also feel that my living space should inspire me. Our living areas should always bring us joy and happiness and inspire you in your daily life.

I’ve been cooking since I was very young, learning from my mother and grandmother and having a fun and inviting kitchen is a must for me. I love the look of vintage items in a clean, open and bright kitchen. I also like red as an accent color because it exudes happiness and energy. I love to buy fresh strawberries at the local farmers’ market and love to bake my favorite Peanut Butter cookies. They always make my home smell wonderful!

One of my favorite things to do is read a good book. When I was young, my mother made me read for half an hour before going to bed each night. She would take me to the library in the summer and sign me up for the summer reading program and I’ve been hooked on books ever since. I feel that my home will always need to have a place where I can sit down with a good cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a great story. Whether it’s a vampire ridden fantasy world, a journey on a murderous train ride or a wonderful romance in historic England, I believe that I will always need that space where I can stretch out with a good book and escape in a good story.

I’ve never had a great green thumb, but then again, I am still learning. I remember growing up visiting both sets of my grandparent’s houses and being in awe by the fruits and vegetables that they were able to grow on their small plots of land. My paternal grandparents lived in the middle of a city and used the small sections of land on either side of their driveway to grow strawberries, corn, beans and the prettiest Lily of the Valley. My goal in life is to have a home where I too can grow some of God’s bounty. I’ve started experimenting in the last few years by growing small pots of herbs and flowers and I hope to extend that to a garden one day. How wonderful would it be to pick your own tomatoes from the garden to make a homemade bruschetta! YUM!

If you haven’t noticed by reading my blog, I love old and vintage things! It’s a habit I picked up from my mom pretty young. She would take me with her to antique malls and flea markets and ever since then, I too am addicted to old stuff. I love the history behind old things; wondering where they came from and who had them before me. I also love to display my collections in new and different ways; whether it is hanging on the wall in an intricate pattern, to keeping to one color scheme or having a specific collectible, such as my vintage Scottie Dogs, together on one shelf. I love how they look displayed and how these various collections draw your eyes to them as a group and then to each individual item.

So, that is What Home Means to Me. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you today and thank you to Victoria over at sfgirlbybay and to Pinterest for putting this series together. Thank you also to Fairytale Wishes and Dreams for passing the torch on to me today and now I pass it on to Megan Charland tomorrow. Watch out for Megan’s post tomorrow and visit our Pin It Forward schedule to read all of the blogger’s contributions.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cookout Cupcakes

We are having a cookout at work next week and I think I am going to try out these cupcakes I saw earlier this week over at Smitten Kitchen (recipe here). Don't they look absolutely amazing and a perfect recipe for a summer dessert. Oh how I love root beer floats!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Coffee Kind of Day

Sorry I haven't been back on the blog until now.  It's hard after a long, restful weekend to get back into the swing of things sometimes.  The past couple of days have been one of those days where I just need an extra cup of coffee in the mornings.  This shot from Victoria over at sfgirlbybay says it all.  I hope you're shortened week is going great!

P.S. Speaking of Victoria at sfgirlbybay, don't forget to check out the Pin It Forward series she is hosting right now.  I am scheduled to do my post next Tuesday, June 8th.  I hope you'll join me then and visit all of the other blogs participating as well.  I've seen some great inspiration over the past week and am looking forward to much more!