Friday, April 2, 2010

Sara and Tom's Wedding Invitation

As you may remember, About a month ago I posted about my friends Sara and Tom's Save-the-Date postcards. So last week when I received my invitation, I knew they would be just as creative and artistic. Well I was completely right! Sara and Tom blew me away again by how personal and artistic they could make their invites.

I love how the used two pigeons as the main graphic for the top of their invite and how on the reply card they used their cat Paisley again and show her waiting for all of the replies to arrive. When I asked Sara why they used pigeons she said "I love pigeons! You see a lot of doves in wedding iconography, and pigeons are 'Rock Doves'. They're urban and wild, but beautiful! They're monogamous, and homing/carrier pigeons will fly for very long periods without food to get back to their home or mate!"

Another great idea that you don't see on the reply card is that they ask you to send in a song request for the reception. What a great idea and the perfect way to get your guests more involved with the party.

Images: vintage yankee

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  1. These are adorable!! Would you mind if I repost!! Having lost my cat last weekend I am kind of hooked on cat things. I would link back to you of course ;). Thanks for posting and I hope you have a great weekend.