Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspiration Board

As part of my blogging class, we were asked to make in inspiration board about our blog. I chose to use lots of bright colors, include things I love such as tea, flowers, vintage jewelry & anything English. I also added fun details such as the yellow ric-rac, a piece of red twine and the cute little cherries at the bottom.

I loved this assignment as it got my creative juices flowing. I have decided that I need to do these more often. Maybe another one soon...

Pictures by vintage yankee.


  1. Very, very pretty, Leslie. I'm glad you're enjoying the class. I'm working on changing my boards now. With two feet (or more?) of snow on the way to DC, I'm all ready. Sitting with piles of magazines, new pads, (new) scissors, & so on. The effluvia on every surface in this apt. must go on those boards or in a notebook & off of every surface of the apt (or else!)...I'm not sure who I'm threatening:)

    Have a good weekend.


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  3. Gorgeous board - the details and colours are lovely! It also made me smile to notice that you live in Birmingham, AL and are an Anglophile, and I live in Birmingham, England... :)

  4. Hi Leslie,
    Love the "Tea Revives You" image :)
    The red makes me think that you are passionate about what you like, and that includes the images on your inspiration board: flowers, the United Kingdom, and interior decor. Cool!
    This assignment was way too fun! ♥Merissa.

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  6. Dear Leslie, I'm just making my way through our team's blogs for the blog review. These are beautiful inspirations and I love what you have put together!! See you in class! Wini :)