Friday, August 7, 2009

lovelydesign studio

Since I started saving some of my favorite blogs on the blogosphere, one of my favorite has been Sharilyn's lovelydesign. Sharilyn has a design company by the same name and devotes her blog to her design work and her job as a full time mom. I've loved watching her daughter Adelaide grow up and become more interested in everyday life. Sharilyn in an awesome designer and has some great items that she has put together over the years on her website. Unfortunately, since she is a full-time mom right now, she has taken a break from her design work. Hopefully in the next few years, we'll be able to see more of Sharilyn's work available. Hope you enjoy!

Sharilyn's home office/craft room.

lovelydesign's address files (I want one of these!!!)

Photos of her lovelydesign office.

Sharilyn's daughter Adelaide and her kitty Elliot waiting for a bath! How cute!

All pictures via lovelydesign and cafemom.

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