Wednesday, March 3, 2010

House Doctor

I recently came across a furniture and interior design company out of Denmark, House Doctor. One of my blogging class instructors, Leslie of a creative mint showed them to us as a source of inspiration for her. As I was looking through their site, I became enamored by all of the home decor choices they have available.

They have pieces for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room; all types of organization tools, crafting tools and furniture. I love that they are all in a variety of colors and textures and all of the options that are available. The products that they have would work well in all decor settings, especially the storage options.

I think I have House Doctor envy! I do wish that they had a supplier here in the States, but maybe it's better that they don't as I'd probably purchase everything in their catalog!

Pictures: House Doctor Everyday 2010 Catalog

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