Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Garden Pots

While shopping at the nursery this weekend, I noticed that they had a great selection of large colorful planters. I loved how they had them arranged in rows according to size and color. It made their displays much more interesting and since it was a sunny day, the colors really popped. Are you excited about spring and your spring planting? Do you have any specific plants that you are excited about putting out?

Pictures: vintage yankee


  1. I don't grow plants...I kill them (not purposefully, of course)!

    PS - I like your tulips below!

  2. Those are my favorite colors for pots. (I say that about all colors, I fear.) Not sure what I'm going to try & plant as I'm in an apt. I think I'll plant window boxes again this year. Coral geraniums with purple salvia looked great last year. We'll see. I have a few windows open today. Wow.