Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lilimandrill Custom Stamps

My etsy favorite feature today is a fun craft accessory that would be perfect for personalizing stationary or invitations.  They are personalized face stamps from lilimandrillLilimandrill makes these stamps by taking a picture of your face, making a hand-drawn rendering of that picture, then she carves that drawn picture into a piece of rubber and there you have it! Your very own face in a stamp!  A perfect rubber stamp to personalize those wedding invitations, stationary or just to have for fun projects.  You can find lilimandrill at her shop or her website.

Images: lilimandrill


  1. Those would be SO fun to use for wedding thank you notes!! And thank you so much for entering our giveaway for The Sart and Domino books!

  2. how cute! i did something like that when i was younger...forgot what a cool idea that was.
    xox alison