Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

I joined the Keep Calm and Carry On bandwagon at some point last year. Maybe it was because I needed a little calm in my life and a new slogan to remind me, or maybe it was because I love all things British. But whatever it was, I purchased a Keep Calm and Carry On poster on etsy and now proudly display it over my desk at home.

I know that there are many Keep Calm and Carry On items available for sale, such as the original poster, mugs, rugs, necklace charms and even a onesie for your little one. But I have found the best take-off on the original poster. I was looking on Type Tees one day and found the Now Panic and Freak Out t-shirt. Threadless also has a poster with the design on it that I am going to purchase and hang with my Keep Calm poster. Kudos to Olly Moss for coming up with this design.I am proudly wearing my t-shirt today!

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